Anorak News | Glasgow School Says Tailored Uniforms Act As Lures To Paedophiles

Glasgow School Says Tailored Uniforms Act As Lures To Paedophiles

by | 31st, May 2011

DID you know that “parents have been advised not to dress their schoolchildren in short skirts and tight trousers amid fears they could be targeted by paedophiles”?

Well, it’s true. The Daily Star says parents of children at King’s Park Secondary School in Glasgow have been sent letters warning of paedos taking photos of the students.

We learn:

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman confirmed that the warning was linked to the recent conviction of local paedophile Barry McCluskey, 39, who posed as a 14-year-old girl to entice children to perform sex acts in front of web cameras.

Do you see the connection between school uniforms and paedos?

McCluskey pretended to be a girl called Clare or Missy on the Bebo site. He told his victims that he was gay or bisexual. He sued fake photo. He never met any girls he forced into performing sex act on camera.

The BBC adds:

McCluskey, who is now separated from his wife, also recorded schoolgirls as they shopped at an Asda store in the city’s Toryglen and women getting changed at a leisure centre in the Gorbals.

Schoolgirls or young girls? The Star’s story is that the uniform is the paedo lure.

Of course if peados are encouraged or, indeed, created by school uniforms, then the Daily Star may have other issues to consider – such as the output of the paper’s sister organ, Channel X. Shows for parents to worry about include items in the “uniform” zone, Jim Slip’s Teen Sluts and “Kinky teacher Lolly Badcock is not happy with slutty (18+) schoolgirls Angel and Paige”.

As for the school’s letter, the Daily Mail says it goes:

“We believe an appropriate school uniform protects children from being targeted by sexual predators. There is recent evidence in south Glasgow of adults photographing schoolgirls in short skirts and schoolgirls/boys in tight trousers, then grooming them through the internet.

“We must do all we can to keep our children safe. A modest school uniform is more appropriate than fashion skirts, trousers or tops.”

The Mail – the paper that brought readers “Girls Aloud cause mischief at St. Trinian’s with sexy school uniform” – says the rules to make pupils bin the tight uniforms are “draconian“. Is that the same Mail that also brought us news of Tesco being “slammed by a parenting group for selling a mini-skirt for girls as young as nine as part of its school uniform range”?

The Mail that told us:

Pupils in seven out of ten of England’s top State schools wear blazers and ties, research revealed last night. Figures published by the Tories show that the majority of the 100 comprehensives and grammars with the best results impose a traditional uniform policy… Education spokesman Michael Gove said it provides compelling evidence that a smart dress code leads to academic success – as well as helping teachers enforce discipline.

Such are the facts…

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