Anorak News | Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Photos Make Watermelons Weep

Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Photos Make Watermelons Weep

by | 1st, June 2011

SHORT Kim Kardashian is having a baby with a tall man called Kris Humphries. While we wrestle with her married name being a product of nominative determinism and the sexual imagery, OK! says she is having a baby:

Now the happy couple’s family and friends have an another even more joyful surprise to celebrate: Kim and Kris are going to have a baby!


“Kim always thought she’d have at least one or two kids by now, so she’s absolutely in a hurry,” an insider tells OK!. “And Kris loves kids and doesn’t see any reason to wait,” adds the pal. “Her friends are even taking bets on whether it will be a boy or a girl.”

Says a pal!

Of course Kim Kardashian would announce her pregnancy via a “pal” and not with a new range of clothing for the pregnancy bump. No, not the tummy: the backside. Kim Kardashian would advertise her growing fist of diamonds and ruby drool with a T-shirt that states “I SWALLOWED A WATERMELON” on the front and “HERE IT COMES” on the arse…


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