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Florida Marijuana Police Arrest Woman For Sage

by | 2nd, June 2011

POLICE at the Broward County sheriff’s office, Florida, have arrested a woman named Robin Brown for possessing a stick of sage. Only the British understand sage. US police officers believe it to be marijuana.

Having seized the herb, police sent it off for “lab tests”. Three months later, Brown was arrested. Says she:

“They arrested me in front of my customers, my boss, my co-workers.”

After a strip search, and investigation of her body cavities, it turned out that the police never had had the herb tested. They lied.

Brown has now filed a civil lawsuit claiming public humiliation, mental pain and suffering.

Anorak advises that she drop the suit – such things only add to the stress. She should do as Britons have done for eons – stuff a chicken (dead) with some sage and onion and roast gently…


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