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Noel Gallagher Wants Liam To Come And Ruin A Perfectly Good Wedding

by | 7th, June 2011

WARRING siblings, Liam and Noel Gallagher, haven’t seen eye-to-beady-eye since they collectively knocked Oasis on the head. A welcome relief for anyone with ears and at least one brain cell.

And thanks largely to the current crop of indie poppers all being dullards in tight, bollock-rupturing jeans, people still look to these bickering feather-cut headed has-beens for something to write about. With Noel getting married to Who Cares?, thoughts go to the fact that when families get together at a wedding, reunions can sometimes end in fistfights on the car park.

So will Liam be at Noel’s wedding? Well, Noel wants it, despite the fact his little brother is “a tit”.

Of course, this is seen as some kind of olive branch from Noel, definitely the more sensitive of the two (which isn’t saying much. It’s a bit like saying Gaddafi is more sensitive than an active volcano).

While on his stag-do, Noel said:

‘He is my brother. He is a tit but he’s my brother so I guess he should be there. Yeah, I would want him there. Family is family on days like that and it would make a lot of people happy. But he’ll always be a complete twat.’

Long-suffering mother of the two (there’s a third, portly brother who no-one really cares about apart from Berhaus wearing luddites who hang on his every word in the various in the various tap rooms of North Manchester), Peggy, is obviously keen for the pair to stop this silly feud.

A source said:

“Unless he’s broken both his legs, Liam has been told he is going to watch his brother get married.”

And Liam’s thoughts on all this?

“I’d like to think we grow up to be friends later on but I’ve no time for that just yet. The way I view Oasis now is that’s it like having a child from a previous relationship.”

So there.


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