Anorak News | Ryan Giggs’ Women: Lorraine Lever, Natasha Giggs And Pregnancy Sex (Photos)

Ryan Giggs’ Women: Lorraine Lever, Natasha Giggs And Pregnancy Sex (Photos)

by | 8th, June 2011

FIRST Natasha Giggs, TV’s Natasha Lever, stepped forward to tell us that she’d been shagging her married brother-in-law Ryan Giggs. Now we learn that the Manchester United player “flirted” with Natasha’s mum, the lovely Lorraine Lever. (Where now Imogen Thomas?)

The Mirror announces on its front page:


As ever with tabloid stories of Giggs’ alleged cheating on his wife, Stacey Cooke, the sources are unnamed. The Mirror might hate super-injunctions, but it does so love an unnamed source. It tells us:

A source close to 34-year-old Rhodri said: “It was a great source of mither amongst the Giggs’. Some of the family felt Ryan was getting a bit too close for comfort to Lorraine and words were exchanged. Certain people accused Ryan of flirting with her whenever they were together and things eventually came to a head.”

He shagged her over the Christmas turkey?

“Ryan laughed it off, saying they were getting the wrong end of the stick, but things were heated.”

He shagged the turkey?

So. Lety’s review those facts. Giggs never flirted with Lorraine? Just like his wife apparently said he never shagged Natasha.

We are in the hazy area where tabloid fact meets tabloid fiction. With the hunt for more salacious gossips very much on, the Mirror changes tact. Another anonymous source has a new line of intrigue:

A well-placed source said: “Natasha is well known in the city for being impressed by fame and fortune.”

She’s a veritable freak! How people in Manchester must stare. She probably points at planes.

“Everyone was gossiping about how she was with Rhodri, Ryan and another Premier League star. It was an open secret. Ryan obviously knew Natasha was still sleeping with his brother but didn’t have a clue she was also seeing his former team-mate.”

She was shagging Paul Scholes? David Beckham? PAUL SCHOLES!?

The unmarried ­footballer at the centre of the fresh claims played alongside Giggs for almost 100 matches under Sir Alex Ferguson. The pair won three league titles.

Not Paul Scholes, then. While you ruminate on that, Max Clifford has news of another of Giggs’ alleged horizontal jigs. Says the PR man:

“The two of them had a lasting relationship which went on for two years. It only came to an end when he phoned her on his wedding day to say it was all over.”

Did anyone else know Giggs was allegedly cheating on Stacey, who was pregnant with his child?

In an interview with a Russian newspaper in spring 2003, Andrei Kanchelskis said Giggs had complained “he can’t change his bachelor’s life”. I’d like to’, he told me. ‘I go out with three girls but just can’t choose which one is the best’,” the Russian added, before clamming up when he realised he had been indiscreet. Giggs went public with his relationship with Stacey in January 2003 when she was expecting their first child.

Over in the Star, there is news that Ryan Giggs is set to become “The New Tiger Woods”.

The old Tiger Woods is not what he once was, but is he ready to be surpassed on the world’s golf greens by a 37-year-old Welshman with experience only on the pro-celebrity circuit? It turn out that Giggs is like Tiger Woods because, like Tiger Woods, he is not as marketable as he once was:

Nigel Currie, of consultancy Brand Rapport, said the affairs are “extremely damaging” to Giggs. He added: “What he had going for him from a marketing perspective was his seemingly clean-cut image. Like Tiger Woods, he had this untouchable air about him – he was seen as a model professional and a really good guy. He’s likely to find his whole unique selling point has gone.”

Well, you can’t argue with the experts. What Giggs needs is a new selling point. How about becoming the Secret Footballer? Each week Giggs takes to the field of play with the name on the back of the shirt blacked out. When a goal is scored he removes a letter. Eventually we get to know who he or one of his teammates is shagging. Or, better, yet, he enlivens those post match interviews by telling us a footballer’s secret. Sky loves to package footy as entertainment, and repurposing those tired tunnel chats will stretch the game further beyond 90 minutes.

Giggsy, call me. I have ideas.


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