Anorak News | Natasha Giggs Had Sex With Rhodri’s Best Man Will Mellor? More Ryan Giggs Shag ‘N’ Tells

Natasha Giggs Had Sex With Rhodri’s Best Man Will Mellor? More Ryan Giggs Shag ‘N’ Tells

by | 10th, June 2011

RYAN Giggs, Natasha Giggs, Rhodri Giggs, Manchester United and Imogen Thomas… How are they all? Let’s see in today’s round-up of Giggsy’s Jiggsys:

The Sun (front page): “RYAN: £250,000 BLOOD MONEY”

“Giggs in bid to keep brother quiet”

If we know about it, hasn’t the bid already failed?

SHAMED Ryan Giggs is trying to gag the brother he betrayed – with £250,000 hush money.

Well, it’s cheaper than hiring Schillings the lawyers to get a super-injunction – allegedly. Although, the Sun claims Schillings is now represting Rhodri.Who’s winning here?

Giggs, 37, will pay up if van driver Rhodri signs an agreement not to make any bombshell revelations.

What about mere bullet-sized revelations?

A pal said: “The last thing Ryan wants is more sex secrets coming out.”

Like the one about the hush money?

A source close to Rhodri said yesterday: “He’ll almost certainly know if there were other girls in his brother’s life.”

Yeah, the man who never knew his wife was, allegedly, shagging his brother knew all about his brother’s sex life… Next!

The source said: “Rhodri is telling people Ryan wants to shut him up. The figure on the table is a quarter of a million. Poor Rhodri feels utterly betrayed by Ryan and doesn’t know what to do for the best…

“Rhodri knows Ryan better than anyone. He knows where all the bodies are buried.”

Daily Mirror (front page): “WHY DID THIS HAPPEN, BABE”

“Ryan’s devastated brother sends plea to cheating wife”

We know this how?

Rhodri, 34, is said to have contacted his wife for the first time since the revelations, telling her: “I can’t believe this has happened.”

But he knows where “all the bodies are buried”? Maybe he can’t believe it because it’s not true – Giggs never shagged Natasha?

According to a friend of Natasha, 28, he sent her an emotional text saying he was missing his family.

Go on:

A family source said: “When Rhodri found out, he binned the pictures from their big day. Who can blame him?”

Not the Sun, which features photos from the Las Vegas wedding.

Daily Star (front page): “GIGGS’ LOVER IN 3-WAY SEX SHOCK”

Yeah, only 3-ways. Shocks of shocks!

THE actor helping Rhodri Giggs over his wife’s affair has bedded her too, we can reveal.

Which actor?

Two Pints Of Lager star Will Mellor, 35, was best man when Rhodri and Natasha wed last year… Will told ITV1’s Daybreak that Rhodri was having an “horrendous time” after his world was “tipped upside down in one night”. But what Will did not mention was that he too has had a fling with Natasha.

We know this how?

According to former college pals, Natasha, now 28, burst into the canteen bragging she had slept with the actor, who was then best known for his role in Hollyoaks.

Cure those tabloid super-injunctions that make sources anonymous.

… “She was telling everybody she’d slept with Will and how gorgeous she thought he was.”


“I was staggered all those years on when I saw he was best man at her wedding.”


Natasha boasted of a fling with Will when she was a student at Eccles College in Manchester, four years before she met the Giggs brothers? Is that the allegation?

Single Natasha Lever (as was) “shagged” single Will Mellor four years before she even met Rhodri and Ryan Giggs?

Hold the front page!

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