Anorak News | Mildred Baena Presents Joseph, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Secret Son He Never Knew (New Photos)

Mildred Baena Presents Joseph, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Secret Son He Never Knew (New Photos)

by | 14th, June 2011

MILDRED  Baena, the woman who while working for Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver, was impregnated by the Sperminator, presents their son Joseph to Hello!.

Joseph is 13. Mildred is 50. She has five children. She worked for the Schwarzenegger family for 20 years. Her mother also worked for them. Her sister still does. Mildred says she is not being paid for the interview.

Here are highlights of her interview:

When told that his dad was Arnie, Joseph replied, “Cool!

She says she never told Arnie that Joseph was his. We had thought of Arnie having balls of steel to raise his mistress’s child in his family home and not tell his wife nor his four other nippers. But now we know otherwise.

At first, she thought the boy’s father was Rogelio’s, her ex-husband:

“It wasn’t until last as Joseph grew and I started to see a resemblance that I wondered – bit it became more apparent as time went on.”

She said she kept it a secret because she “knew what happened was wrong”:

“As Joseph matured, I found myself staring at him more and more. People would tease me about much they looked alike, but I said Arnold had a friend who had comes over form Germany and he was the father.”

She says the Maria got wind of the betrayal. Mildred says she has “so much love and respect for Maria“.

Maria asked her if Joseph was Arnie’s child. Mildred broke down in tears and confessed. Joseph knew the truth a your ago.

So. Why talk to the media now?

“I want to bring my son home so he can get back to normal life.”

Where will he live?

“…this isn’t about the money. Just recently I asked him [Arnie] to buy a home and he said,’Sure.’… I bought one for $250,000 and I pay all the upkeep myself…”

Such are the facts…


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