Anorak News | Justin Timberlake Is A Filthy Dope Fiend Who Likes Sticking Drugs Up Himself

Justin Timberlake Is A Filthy Dope Fiend Who Likes Sticking Drugs Up Himself

by | 16th, June 2011

SEXY back? Justin Timberlake is more likely to be indulging in blow-backs after he admitted that he “absolutely” smokes marijuana.

So there you go. Timberlake is nothing but a wretched stoner who is wheeling out the same ol’ line of ‘it helps me to switch off and relax’. Aye, and eat two thousand packets of Cheetos while giggling at monkey’s pissing in their own mouths in YouTube videos.

He said:

“The only thing pot does for me is it gets me to stop thinking. Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off. Some people are just better high.”

This of course, could turn into a lucrative business deal for Justin, who like all other vague weed smokers like Bruce Lee and aliens, can assume that his face will be appearing on cheap tins with weed leaves and red, gold and green backdrops.

He did knock it on the head for a while though…

“I actually stopped smoking pot for nine to 10 months. I was so stoned. If you ask my friends, if they’re honest, they would probably say that’s the only way to get me as dizzy as I was.”

Then, like a typical stoner, he went off on a mad tangent and started dribbling on about his paranoid delusions of anonymous haters, especially those that slate Britney Spears, his former girlfriend.

The internet is a cruel place. What a f**ked-up thing to do. In Britney’s defence, if you pulled up a video I did from 2003, I couldn’t do the s**t I did then either.

“I’d love to see the people who comment about Britney online say those things to her face, because they couldn’t. But this thing that happens online bothers me – these anonymous commenters. People think they can say anything and it doesn’t matter to people.”

Alright mate, calm down. Have a bong or something and go and play video games for 40 hours straight while stinking of BO.


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