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Dentist Tried To Convert Patients In The Chair To Christianity

by | 16th, June 2011

PAUL  Gardner of Geelong, Melbourne, Australia, is the Christian dentist and surgery missionary.  While treating a patient, Gardner noted her dragon tattoos and concluded that people with such ink were not open to the word of God. With her reclined in the dentist’s chair, Gardner began spouting fundamental Christian views and attempting to convert her. 

Six months before the latest incident, Dr Gardner was fined $10,000 after he told a schizophrenic patient that she was possessed by the devil and could be cured through his church’s spiritual healing.

Anorak has often wondered how a dentist can get yet more terrifying. My own dentist does the mouths of many Tottenham Hotspur footballers. You lay back in the chair and see Dr Teeth with his arm draped around a youthful Paul Gascoigne, Gary Linker, Mitchell Thomas and lots of other Spurs players bearing their pearly whites. It is unsettling. He then talks about Spurs while holding your mouth open. As regular readers know, Old Mr Anorak, our patron, favours the Arsenal, it being the club of The Establishment. We’d rather the dentist talked about God.

What does your dentist talk about..?

A gallery of the godless:


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