Anorak News | Katie Price Aims To Break Record For Hosting Biggest Roomful Of Mugs

Katie Price Aims To Break Record For Hosting Biggest Roomful Of Mugs

by | 17th, June 2011

KATIE Price and Kerry Katona will one day appear on nostalgic telly shows. The pair, their tiny faces pinched into a points from being pulled tight behind their ears, their adapted breasts dispensing gin and tonic from the nipples, will flash back to these heady days when they talked about their “lettuces” on the magic box.

Katona has adopted a new schtick with her Karia law, a form of Sharia law in which footballer like Ryan Giggs gets castrated and woman who sleep around have their vaginas sewn up.

Price is hanging on to fame, planning to follow the shortest man in the world and people with seven toes on one foot (imagine that, Dane Bowers) into the Guinness Book of Records? What’s her record, you cry? Well, it’s not to have a small family hatchback driven into her “mini”, nor is it to paint herself in orange vanish and walk naked to the South Pole, where, upon arrival, she will ride said pole for tips. Pricey bids to own the title of Largest Book Signing by a Single Author.

To defeat Anatoli Karpov (former world chess champion), Katie needs 1,952 popes each holding a copy of her latest book, The Comeback Girl, to queue for her signature. And know that cone the book signed you can’t get a refund.

Says KP – she’s nuts:

“You know me, I’ve always had a competitive streak. So when it was suggested that I try and break a Guinness World of Record for a book-signing, I thought ‘Bring it on!'”

Get stuff. She enters the record books and gets richer at the same time.

The officials at Guinness have yet to confirm whether a successful record attempt will also create the record for the biggest bunch of idiot in one room at any one time, a title currently held by the gang at the 2005 Newcastle Big Brother auditions.

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