Anorak News | David Knelsen Kept His Son In A Wooden Box For Eight Weeks

David Knelsen Kept His Son In A Wooden Box For Eight Weeks

by | 18th, June 2011

TO Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where Canadian dad David Knelsen has locked his 21-year-old son, Johan Knelsen, in a box. Dad, reportedly, authorities that his son was mentally ill and had to be punished for stealing three chickens and/ or using a phone without permission.

Dad is a member of a Mennonite denomination – but how his Christian beliefsĀ affect this case are unclear.

Johan’s wooden box is in his dad’s lounge. And it gets even odder when the TV news arrives and a journalist interviews Johan still inside the box. (He wees in bottles.) The Reuters report makes mention of the family’s religious beliefs, as if it is relevant. The report, however, has now word on the fact what when Johan is released on camera he is wearing clean clothes and able to walk very easily.

Says he:

“I went out and when I came back I they were angry with me here at home and some people tied me up and [he] put me in here. Eight weeks ago. I ate and slept here. I did everything here. I ate and drank water and washed here.”

By way of mitigation, you will also note that the Knelsen home has no magic box, aka the TV. If Johan can pull his socks over his hands and do impressions of news readers and the casts of EastEnders and Glee, some good may come of this…

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