Anorak News | Media Experts Predicted Drought And Nuclear Meltdown For Flaming June: Let’s See What Happened

Media Experts Predicted Drought And Nuclear Meltdown For Flaming June: Let’s See What Happened

by | 18th, June 2011

DROUGHT. You can’t escape it. It’s all over the news media. You might miss it, what with the rain and all…

Let’s see what the experts say:

“…despite the prospect of showers over the next few days, forecasters say there is still no sign of the heavy rain needed to ease near-drought conditions in the South and East of England” – May 24, 2011; Daily Mail

“The Met Office and long-term forecaster Positive Weather Solutions are warning that June will only add to farmers’ woes with very little rain forecast for next month. PWS spokesman Jonathan Powell predicted a deluge for today but added that this will be the last heavy rain until mid-June. Mr Powell said: ‘This rainfall will make a very small dent in a very large barrel. It’s going to be a really dry June…” – May 30, 2011; Daily Express

“More sun in June, Met Office predicts” –  June 2, 2011; Guardian

“‘Flaming June’: Festivals and Wimbledon safe as forecaster predict June scorcher” – June 2, 2011; Daily Mail

“Drought conditions will continue into the autumn in many parts of the country even if there is higher than average rainfall, according to the latest statistics… The recent rainfall has done little to alleviate the situation in the worst affected areas of the country in East Anglia, Kent and the east Midlands, where soil is the driest it has been for 50 years” – June 10, 2011; Louise Gray, Telegraph

“nvironment Secretary Caroline Spelman urged the public to conserve stocks by showering rather than taking a bath. “Households know how to use less water and everyone can do their bit to use water more wisely, not only through the summer, but throughout the year,” she said.” –  June 11, 2011; Independent

“George Goodfellow, a Met Office forecaster, said: ‘There is a lot of rain around but it is not as heavy in the drought-hit areas and is unlikely to make much difference there.’ – June 12, 2011; Telegraph

“…nuclear power stations have been in danger of having to be shut down because they need so much river water to cool them – June 13, 2011; John Vidal, Guardian

“Glastonbury weather unsettled, Wimbledon washout, says Met Office” – June 16, 2011: Guardian

“The rain at the start of June, which saw more than two inches fall in about 10 days, has been vital to farmers who have been severely hit by the dry spring.” – June 18, 2011; Kent News

“Slug and snail populations are dramatically lower than normal – yippee!” – Examiner

The media has already moved on to a new scare story:

“While up to an inch of rain will fall in some places this weekend it will still not be enough to drag the country out of the grip of drought and stop the foundations of houses from collapsing.” – June 18, 2011; Telegraph



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Commuters struggle through the rain outside the Houses of Parliament, London.

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