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How German Are You? Good British Sports Should Take The Test

by | 21st, June 2011

THOSE Boffins at the University College London say that half of all British men have German blood in their veins. But before your granny calls you a traitor, and you celebrate three World Cups and no World Wars, we need to work out how German you are.

1. Do you own an angry dog?
2. Can you speak more than one language?
3. Are you wary of Greek accepting gifts?
4. Have you ever goosetepped in Berlin?
5. While in Germany, have you ever found cause to point at something in the distance with a straight arm while scratching an itch beneath your nose with the top on a finger?
6. Is your state broadcaster obsessed with Jews?
7. Do you hanker for the past?

If you answered “yes” to questions 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 you are more British than day spent collecting bits of sand-blasted broken glass on a rainy beach.
If you printed out this test and made everyone take it and produced an in-depth analysis of the results – you’re German.
If you refused to take the test, you’re French.

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