Anorak News | Trudie Styler’s Dinner For Mum: Lake House Table And Chef Jane Martin’s ‘Shameful’ Treatment

Trudie Styler’s Dinner For Mum: Lake House Table And Chef Jane Martin’s ‘Shameful’ Treatment

by | 23rd, June 2011

TRUDIE Styler, Bromsgrove native and high-flying greenie also known as Mrs Sting, has a range of dinners out. Ready meals. Says her Lake House Table website:

We know there are times when you don’t have the inclination or the energy to cook from scratch if you’ve had a long working day, yet you’d still like great tasting food. So we created Kitchen Suppers.

As opposed to Toilet Dinners, or where it you poor fools forage for your grub. Trudie has more to say:

“My key philosophy is fresh, natural, healthy ingredients, as unprocessed as possible. Eating consciously, and being aware of the provenance of the food we eat, is equally important — as is having ethically farmed, humanely reared animals… I think it is important for people to eat together as families and to occasionally connect with each other at the meal table and without the distractions of TVs, computers and mobile phones.”

Can this be the same Trudie Styler who once employed a chef named Jane Martin to make kitchen dinners at her house, Lake House? Back in 2007, we learnt:

A chef who was unlawfully made redundant by celebrity couple Sting and Trudie Styler after she became pregnant said she feared losing her baby. For eight years Jane Martin, 41, from Winchester, Hampshire, cooked for stars such as Madonna at the couple’s 300-acre Lake House Wiltshire estate.

This month, she won her cases of unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination…

The tribunal panel had ruled that Ms Styler’s treatment of Jane Martin had been “shameful”.

On Friday, a tearful Ms Martin described the “hurt” and “distress” that she felt at her treatment by Ms Styler, who she accused during the case of having a “grandiose ego”.


Ms Martin, who had previously had a miscarriage and later gave birth to a boy who is now two years old, said the stress of the redundancy changed her personality.


Jane Martin, 41, was awarded £24,944 in her case against the couple at an employment tribunal in Southampton.

Now. Who fancies a nice family meal..?

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