Anorak News | Glastonbury 2011 Photos: The U2 Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Pole Dancers And Welly Henge

Glastonbury 2011 Photos: The U2 Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Pole Dancers And Welly Henge

by | 25th, June 2011

GLASTONBURY Day 2: The rain continued to fall, giving everyone watching the show back home some sense of joy and relief that the BBC had dispatched 274 members of staff to cover the event in the kind of forensic detail Sherlock Holmes would applaud. In our great Photos of Day 2, you will sew Bono, Mr G9, singing songs in front of big neon messages of mottos you can fit on a T-shirt and the names of places they like, or remembers in his prayers.

In the crowd, a few members of pro-tax protest group Art Uncut inflated a 20ft balloon emblazoned with the words “U Pay Your Tax 2”. The balloon was removed by security. Taxes have no place at a big corporate music venue. It’s the last taboo. If Europe needs a Tea Party movement to hook up with Sarah Palin’s supporters in the US, U2 are shoo ins for the official protest song.

Anyhow, taxes are being paid. As band’s manager Paul McGuinness says, U2 are “fully compliant” with Irish tax rules. U2 “is a global business and it pays taxes globally“.

While U2 fans nod, and U2 cynics snort and puke, others stepped on stage.

Primal Scream were great, Morrissey was still working the black denim, Radiohead were dancing, Biffy Clyro rocked, Wu Tang Clan rolled their shoulders, a female artist performed on a pole in the Snake Pit bar area inside Shangri-la, we spotted ‘Welly Henge’ made out of discarded wells, and the fans waved and chanted as oneā€¦


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Robin Pecknold, lead singer in the Fleet Foxes performs on the Other stage at the Glastonbury music festival at Worthy Farm, Pilton.

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