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People Killed Michael Jackson For Fame And Money Says La Toya Jackson In New Book: Truth For Sale

by | 25th, June 2011

LA Toya Jackson. use her new book, Starting Over, to tell readers that there were darks forces seeking to profit from Michael Jackson, to milk him until he was drained of colour, cash and life itself.

Two years ago, Jackson died. He was 50. But if add up his different body parts and take an average, experts say he was only 15. Dr. Conrad Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter. He might well be charged with child murder. Murray is accrued of giving Jackson an overdose of anesthetic propofol and assorted sedatives. He says he is innocent. In September, the show hits the courts.

In the meanwhile, agent La Toya Jackson enlarges on her investigations so far:

“This is definitely something that was premeditated, that they had planned to do, and they planned to take my brother out, and my brother knew it, and that’s why my brother told me repeatedly, repeatedly and repeatedly, that this was going to happen to him. He explained to me, `It’s because of my catalog.”‘

No, not the Early Learning Centre’s summer catalogue. She speaks of the catalogue of music Jackson owned. Right now the catalogue is in the control of John Branca:

“They care about what they can do and what they can get their hands on, and no one in the family has anything to do with the estate. At this point, blatantly said, John Branca right now is Michael Jackson.”

You wants conspiracy theories? You can’t handily conspiracy theories. As Branca presses his fingers to his nose and explains why ever step he takes causes the pavement to light up, the estate issues a stement:

“After numerous hearings and after reviewing evidence contained in countless filings and exhibits, three California courts have decided John Branca and John McClain are the rightful and lawful executors of Michael Jackson’s Estate just as Michael specified in his will.

“Mr. Branca and Mr. McClain have turned the estate around financially for the benefit of Michael’s children and mother, protected the intellectual property and music catalog assets Michael accumulated during his lifetime as well as carried out their mandate to shelter and preserve funds for his children until they reach certain ages as adults. Their performance as the executors of Michael’s estate is a matter of extensive public record and speaks for itself.”

The LA Daily News then delivers what can only be called irrefutable evidence of La Toya’s righteousness:

“[She] was once estranged from her brother and the rest of her family. She even went so far as to support charges that Jackson was a child molester when he was first accused of the crime in 1993 (he was not charged in that case and was acquitted of similar charges in 2005).

That was her former husband, Jack Gordon. He made her do it. And Wacko Jacko forgave her:

“He said, `La Toya … I know your heart, and I know you would never do anything like that, and I know he forced you and made you to do that. He says, `I love you, and I will always love you.”‘

Let’s review the matter. In 2003, Jackson was accused of molesting 12-year-old Gavin Arvizo. Gordon told media:

“I saw little boys constantly going through the house. I never saw little girls. I used to ask the question,’ Why are there little boys and there are no little girls?’ I never got an answer. Nobody ever responded.”

Earlier, La Toya had spoken out in relation to Jackson’s case against Jordy Chandler:

At a news conference called on short notice at a Tel Aviv hotel, Jackson said she could no longer “be a silent collaborator of his crimes against small innocent children.

“If I remain silent, then that means that I feel the guilt and humiliation that these children are feeling and I think it’s very wrong.”

Her voice breaking, La Toya Jackson said: “I love Michael very dearly, but I feel even more sorry for these children because they don’t have a life anymore.”

She later retracted that view.

She also wrote a book about the Jacksons, in which we learnt:

People had this image of the Jacksons as the perfect American family and I destroyed that image. But what people have to understand is writing that book was very healing for me.

In 1996, La Toya had more to say:

After airing her family’s dirty laundry in a tell-all tome and on the tabloid TV circuit, La Toya Jackson is launching a new 900-line that promises to reveal even more dirt on the singing, swinging Jackson clan.

“I’m promising secrets on all 11 of us,” said La Toya yesterday, flanked by husband/manager Jack Gordon at a press conference announcing La Toya’s “Jackson Family Secrets.”

At $2.99 per minute in a pre-recorded message that will change weekly what sort of secrets will she reveal to inquiring minds?

“Call the line and find out,” said La Toya coyly, sans snake but sporting a blond wig, false eyelashes, royal blue blazer and black lace gloves. “This is my opportunity to let [people] know the truth and tell it my way.

Says La Toya Jackson now:

“I think it’s wonderful that people remember him in a wonderful light.”

Such are the fact from a woman who always knows the truth – even if it is for sale…


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