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Blackburn Primary Schools Infiltrated By Pakistani Jihadi Dwarves

by | 30th, June 2011

NEWS is that Blackburn, Lancashire is no longer twinned with Abbottabad, the Pakistan town where Osama bin Laden was killed. Plans were for the kids at Daisyfield Primary School to create pen frienda with the kids in Abbottabad.

But then Bin Laden was shot dead. Parents were afeared that the Pakistani nippers would teach the English boys and girls to be really good at hide and seek or stuff bombs in the creases on letters. Others wondered if the Pakistani children were in actual fact bearded jihadis.

Carole Grady, who was the council’s head of ethnic minority achievement service when the scheme began, explained more in an email. Yep, no go-ahead letters for Miss:

“I am sorry to say that a decision has been taken that the Blackburn cluster must distance itself from the partnership in Abbottabad in order to avoid sensitive political issues, therefore neither the video conference nor the visit can go ahead.”

Zafar Abbasi, a school official in the Pakistani town, tells the AP:

“Abottabad residents had nothing to do with Osama or any of his activity. Linking them with Osama is regrettable, and depriving students of the programme is even worse.”

She then vowed bloody redress and that there is no need for British infidels to visit Abbottabad because Abbottabad is planning to visit them on the back of a white lion with horns brimming with AK47s. No, only joking. She was very pleasant – almost human.

Meanwhile, young scholars in Abbottabbad are unhappy at being deprived reading letters from Blackburn youth and therein learning how to build a joint shaped like a Rampant Rabbit…

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