Anorak News | Aaron Carter Says That Michael Jackson ‘Gave Me Cocaine’

Aaron Carter Says That Michael Jackson ‘Gave Me Cocaine’

by | 1st, July 2011

REMEMBER Aaron Carter? Of course you don’t. He’s a nobody. He’s a failure from Dancing With the Stars, the brother of a Backstreet Boy and once released a bunch of awful, awful cover versions in the hope of becoming a baby sensation like Justin Bieber.

These days, he’s just a thing with muscles that occupies perfectly good space.

That said, Carter was once in the affections of Michael Jackson, which is nice and innocent isn’t it?

He says:

“I never talked about it. This is the first time. … I miss Michael. … I have spent such incredible times with him. I did things with him that nobody else did.. … But I was also troubled about what he did to me.”

Hello! What’s this? Sounds like a familiar tale is imminent! And speaking ill of the dead as well for extra points!

When asked if Jacko gave him Jesus Juice, Carter said:

“Yes, he gave me wine. I mean, I could have refused, but I was 15.”

Wine? Pah! That’s rubbish! French kids drink wine straight from the tit!

“He gave me cocaine. … We spoke afterwards, hours and hours, on the phone. I admired Michael, but his behavior bothered me a lot. Then my mother called the police…”

Ah! That’s better! Cocaine! An allegation of a grown man with a funny face sticking class A drugs up the nose of a minor! What could Jackson be trying to do putting such sex enhancing drugs up a teenager’s nose? Nope. No idea.

Of course, Carter could be talking absolute nonsense, but y’know, we’re legally obliged to tarnish Michael Jackson’s reputation at every given opportunity.


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