Anorak News | Daily Express Does PR For Mohammed Al Fayed’s Princess Diana Murder Film

Daily Express Does PR For Mohammed Al Fayed’s Princess Diana Murder Film

by | 2nd, July 2011

PRINCESS Diana is dead. Were she alive (rolls eyes up towards twitching curtains on the fabled Six Floor of the Harvey Nichol’s department story, London), she would be 50. Newsweek has heralded the event by turning Diana into a melange of sun-parched skin, Botox and Twitter twatishness.

An explosive new film which claims Princess Diana was murdered on the orders of the ­British Establishment has been banned in the UK, prompting allegations of a cover-up.
Unless the makers of Unlawful Killing cut 87 scenes from their hard-hitting documentary, it cannot legally be screened here.

It’s Keith AThe Express sticks with the conspiracy of her murder. The headline yells:


There’s a film of her death?llen talking up his film – the one he calls a – get this – “provable conspiracy”. It’s the film is funded by Mohammed Al Fayed. He’s as benign a backer as any documentary maker producing a film about the death of the Dodi Fayed, Mohammed’s son, could wish for.

The film’s director, actor Keith Allen, will now show it in Galway, Ireland, which is outside Britain’s legal jurisdiction. He insists the British public has a right to see the full version of his 90-minute film.

“This film is made in Britain but cannot be shown in Britain,” he said. “This has never happened before. But as with so much about Princess Diana the rulebook has been rewritten.”

What of Scum, then?

Originally made by the BBC in 1977, its brutal depiction of life in the borstal system was deemed to be too controversial for broadcast and it was banned by the Corporation. However, it was then re-made for the cinema two years later and became one of the most infamous British films of the 1980s.

Says Allen:

“My film is supposedly in contempt of court. I openly question the impartiality of a coroner (Lord Justice Scott Baker) who had sworn an oath of ­allegiance to the Queen yet was sitting in the Royal Courts of Justice, presiding over a case which involved the monarchy.”

So says the man with a film that claims impartiality and is paid for by a grieving man with a vested interest.

Roll up. Roll up. Come see the film about the dead Diana – with photos of the dead woman in the speeding car she didn’t wear a seatbelt in.


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Handout Jacques Langevin photo which was shown to the inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales showing the Princess and her bodyguard Trevor Rees Jones with driver Henri Paul and Dodi Al Fayed on the night she died.

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