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Simon Cowell Witnesses The Extent Of Paula Abdul’s Lunacy

by | 5th, July 2011

IT must take a hell of a lot to shock Simon Cowell. He’s worked in the music industry for years and has to deal with Louis Walsh all the time. He’s probably seen horrors that would make a soldier cry. However, he obviously has a limit… and that is Paula Abdul.

It’s said that the music and TV mogul has had to actually ask Abdul to stop “embarrassing” him by ordering her dog a meal and mineral water when they eat together.

That’s right. Paula Abdul gets her stupid chihuahua – Tulip – to sit at the dinner table, and eat with the humans. Of course, the easiest course of action would be to simply throw Tulip onto the nearest griddle and swallow it down in one.

A source says:

“Tulip would get her own chair and Paula would order her an entire entrée and a bottle of Evian”

“When the meal would arrive, Paula would have the waiter put the plate down on Tulip’s seat along with a glass full of Evian beside it. Tulip would then gulp down the meal in a matter of seconds… Simon finally told Paula that she had to put a stop to this because it’s unhygienic and embarrassing.”

And Tulip is more that just dinner time trouble. Paula once tripped over the imbecilic hound and broke her nose. If Cowell isn’t afraid for burying mouthy X Factor contestants, Tulip the chihuahua will be no contest at all.

Brace yourself for a Conrad Murray style inquest when Tulip mysteriously dies.

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