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Shia LaBeouf May Well Have Ruined Megan Fox’s Marriage, Which Is Nice Of Him

by | 7th, July 2011

IT’S one thing to turn up the controversy when you are promoting a movie, but this was really low. True, she probably shouldn’t have fooled around with him in the first place, but it was definitely not his place to go parading the information around for the whole world to hear.

Let’s get you up to speed. In a recent interview for the new Transformers movie, star Shia LaBeouf revealed that he had a fling with his former costar Megan Fox whilst they were filming the first two movies. Nothing serious mind you, just a little cavorting to get the chemistry juices flowing. Of course, this was shocking news, especially to Brian Austin Green, her husband, who she was dating at the time.

Now, OK Magazine reports that Shia’s confession has done a number on Foxy’s relationship with her husband. A source insists that Shia has “really upset” the couple, with Megan “in tears” ever since he made their affair public. The source added:

“Megan’s been in tears, and is apologizing to Brian – even though technically she didn’t do anything wrong since they were on a break …. They are so angry at Shia.”

A rightfully so! We still maintain he had no business running his mouth off like that. Whatever happened between them, good or bad, we always though Megan was a good friend to Shia. She never said one bad thing about him when she got canned from the franchise, even though she was blowing everyone else up with her claims.

It was a real low thing you did, Shia! We’d try and find a way to fix this … and fast!

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