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Stockport ‘Serial’ Killer Targets Dying

by | 16th, July 2011

A KILLER is on the loose in British hospitals. No. Not MRSA. This killer is human in its outward appearance. As the papers scream from their front pages:



The Mail tells us of goings on at Stockport’s Stepping Hill Hospital:

A hospital poisoner who has killed three patients was trying to murder dozens more. The saboteur injected insulin into at least 36 vials of saline solution, knowing it could be fatal.

Any more facts?

Detectives believe insulin was deliberately injected into the saline containers which were in a store room used by at least two wards. Fourteen patients fell ill after nurses administered the contaminated fluid through drips.

Believe? What happened top a mass murderer killing 36 people?

The poisoner’s first two victims – a 71-year-old man and a 44-year-old woman who had multiple sclerosis – are believed to have been terminally ill.

Two very ill people are dead. What else?

It is understood the latest, an 84-year-old man who died yesterday, was not.

An elderly man in hospital for his – and let us be presumptuous – ill health has died.

Nurses and other medics who were working on the wards are being spoken to by officers because they would have had the expertise and opportunity to tamper with the glass vials.

Might anyone else have had the expertise to tamper with the glass vials? Yes. Maybe a visitor did it? Maybe they were tampered with at source? Maybe they are a faulty batch? Maybe there is no serial killer…

The other 11 victims are recovering.

The source of the story is Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney of Greater Manchester Police (pictured), who tells a press conference:

“We have someone deliberately contaminating saline in the one place that people should feel they are being most cared for. We will be planning to take the person responsible for this contamination into custody and bring them to justice.”

Good plan, copper. You. Must. Catch. The. Killer!

“This investigation is at a very early stage and we don’t know what effect, if any, the solution has had to the wellbeing of any patients.”

He then adds:

“Understandably there is considerable concern within the hospital and the wider community about this.”

The Mail sees its chance to spread fear:

Professor Vincent Marks, author of Insulin Murders, said: ‘It’s very hard to prevent the possibility of something like this happening because insulin has to be so readily available in hospitals. But it’s actually not a very effective way of killing people.”


“They would fall into a coma, and these days their blood sugar would be tested and they could be given glucose and would probably recover.”

Drat! Go to Plan B:

The Stockport case has echoes of that of Beverley Allitt, a nurse who used insulin to kill four children at Grantham and Kesteven hospital in Lincolnshire between 1991 and 1993.

Does it? Allitt taerge3ts chidlren. She murdered four children and left Katie Phillips, sister of one of the dead children, with brain damage. Katie was two months oldf when Allitt injected her with insulin and potassium

Clifford Monks, 84, who was receiving treatment for a stroke, said: “It sounds like another Beverley Allitt. It can only be malicious – someone who has got a grudge against the hospital or someone who is insane and sick themselves.”

Well, if it keeps the mind sharp and helps to pass the time, you keep playing armchair detective for the Mail, dear.


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File photo dated 19/12/1991 of killer nurse Beverly Allitt, wearing a bandage on her wrist as she arrives at Grantham Magistrate's court, who was sentenced in 1993 to 13 life sentences for murdering and attacking children, and today had her minimum term fixed at 28 years and 175 days by a judge in the High Court.


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