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Ashley Cole ‘Cheats’ On Cheryl With Kerry Meades: Photos

by | 17th, July 2011

ASHLEY Cole fetches his ex-wife and current lover Cheryl Cole a cup of tea and an ironed ciggie. And the rest of us read the Mirror’s news that the Chelsea footballer allegedly shagged one Kerry Meades in Los Angeles – “just days before he flew back to London to seal his reunion with Cheryl with a passionate public kiss at her 28th birthday party.”

The Mirror calls her testimony a “devastating account”. Devastating for whom? For Cheryl Cole – a woman Ashley allegedly cheated on with loadsa women, including, famously, vomit-fuelled sex with a hairdresser? For Ashley? For us?

Kent–born Kerry, a trolley dolly at Virgin Atlantic, is described as a “Cheryl look-alike”.  And she is – in much the same way Coleen Rooney looks like Pippa Middleton. Says she:

“He betrayed us both… Cheryl should tread really carefully.”

Kerry says the first shagged Ashley in 2004. Her story wasn’t worth much then. So. She’s back to tell us about “Round 2”. It’s not about the money and the fame – it’s about serving the public interest and doing a public service.

She recalls their meeting on June 17, 2011:

Ashley had this light saber glowstick that he kept tapping me on the back with. He whacked me on the bottom with it and I started laughing. My hair was tied back and he pulled it in a playful way. He said, ‘You look really fine tonight.’ Then he said, ‘Your a*** looks really fine ­tonight’.”

Anorak sees Kerry as some novelty pinata, being whacked by Ashley’s glowstick until she spills the beans.

“I went over and straight away Ashley’s little face lit up. He said, ‘I didn’t know if you would come.’ He was being very sweet and insisted I sit right next to him…

“Once we got inside the villa, Ashley asked, ‘Shall we go upstairs now?’ I told him, ‘No, not yet.’ I got into the jacuzzi and Ashley, wearing a pair of swimming shorts, came over and asked if I was OK.”

The cad!

“I asked him to fix me a drink and he went off and got me a vodka and cranberry. He was like a little lap dog. Then he came back and repeated, ‘Can we go upstairs yet?’ We went inside and started walking up the big spiral staircase. Just then the kitchen door opened and everyone standing in the kitchen could see us. One of Ashley’s guy friends asked him, ‘Where are you going?’ He replied, ‘I’m going up to bed’. We were holding hands and at least six or seven people must have seen, but he didn’t care.”

Single man shags single woman!

“He had a king-size bed with luxurious white sheets. I noticed his room was a mess with clothes everywhere and the TV was on with an Eddie Murphy movie. He was very sweet and romantic, telling me how beautiful I looked.

Them this:

On the way back [to her hotel], Ashley sent her a text telling her to watch what she said at the pool because there were “lots of Press” at the hotel. She sent him a picture of a face with the mouth zipped and he sent a smiley face back.

The Mirror then gives us a potted bio of Dear Kerry:

After her later trysts with Ashley, Kerry – who once had a fling with Friends star Matt Le Blanc – worked on the overnight flight and landed back in London…

Kerry, who says she had not realised Ashley was trying to get back with Cheryl, said: “He obviously wanted to hide it. The whole time I was with him, he acted like a single man. When he cut off contact with me, I knew I had been dumped. It made me feel used and dirty, like I was a piece of meat.”

But what about his being like a sweet lapdog? And he was a single man. Anorak is confused. The kiss ‘n’ tell is being presented as a pretty weak morality tale.

“I don’t think Ashley has any idea how to be faithful to a woman and I am certain that he will never change. I thought he was serious about me…”

Blimey! It makes you wonder what kind of men Kerry meets who appear less interested in a serious relationship than Ashley?

The article ends not with that gem, but with this one:

Virgin Atlantic contacted us to say: “Our cabin crew have always stood out from the crowd and recently received the ultimate accolade as the world’s most ­attractive cabin crew.”

Each of them gets the ultimate accolade – a small whack on the bum from Ashley Cole’s glowstick…


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