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Who Is @ExNOTWjourno2 The News Of The World Whistleblower?

by | 18th, July 2011

WHO is the mysterious @ExNOTWjourno2 who has been dropping prophetic cryptic clues on Twitter about the phone hacking scandal? I have no idea. But having once been myself an anonymous supplier of juicy nuggets, who fooled hundreds of gullible London hacks by dint of intimidating talent, I cannot but be intrigued. ‘She’ answers to Marie and signs off as M. So we’re looking for a man who likes Sudoku.
Her bio reads:

Journalist @ NOTW for last 5 years. Axed to save skin of Rebekah Brooks! Enough Is Enough Of This Horse Sh#t !

What is the Colour Of Justice?” she tweeted around 10am today. This afternoon we heard the news that the boss of Orange had resigned. Could Hackgate (and justice hue) have something to do with Orange? Enjoy the game if it’s not a con!

Some tweeters claim that M with her capitalised clues has anticipated many of the major happenings in the unfolding scandal. She claims to be on a revenge mission ever since the Murdochs shut down the News of the World and made her redundant. Apparently she declined to sign a gagging order yet it’s news to me that redundancy offers have been made to ex-staff. I could be wrong.

The news today that Hackgate whistle-blower, and former Screws showbiz hack, Sean Hoare, has been found dead in his home in un-suspicious circumstances, prompted M to write:

“RIP Sean.. Now i’m really going to go for the jugular… I Don’t Feel I Can Continue.. Sean would want me too… This isn’t right possums. This situation has spiralled out of control. I will ensure the people behind this pay.”

Of the select committee inquisition due, she growls: ‘I have a front row seat for tomorrow possums.. It’s going to [sic] ad a bloodbath. NI thwarted the first investigation.’

Another prediction? ‘

“It’s Only Monday.. You wait until Thursday.”

I’m not sure Madame Arcati can take much more excitement.

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