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So Who Gets Amy Winehouse’s Money Then?

by | 25th, July 2011

IT’S not all that much of a surprise that Amy Winehouse is gone: a shock that it’s right now, a sadness of course, but not exactly a surprise.

(Image: Mitch and Janis Winehouse view the shrines to thier daughter.)

Which leaves us with the question of who gets her rumoured £10-£20 million fortune? That one that is increasing by the minute as people buy her albums in remembrance? The one that’s going to soar when they release that third one of demos?

Who gets it will of course depend upon her will. But that in itself depends on whether she wrote one in the first place and then, when did she write one?

For there’s an odd little bit about marriage law. Any will that you write before you marry becomes invalid when you do marry. Your new spouse is assumed to get the dosh as a part of that very marriage contract.

OK, we might think, but a divorce sorts all that out, doesn’t it? Well, no, actually it doesn’t. The assumption that your spouse gets it all remains, even after a divorce. You’ve got to write a new will, after the divorce, otherwise popped clogs means the ex- still gets it all.

So, depending upon whether Amy Winehouse wrote a will at all, or if she did, when she did, it could be that Blake Fielder-Civil has just inherited many millions.

Which is an odd thought for a Monday morning.


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Amy Winehouse fools around with her on/off boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil, during a photocall at Bristol Zoo, before performing an exclusive Vodafone TBA gig later today. Blake is the man who inspired Amy's No1 album 'Back To Black, and he says she has never stopped loving him.



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