Anorak News | The Heavens Rejoice As Lindsay Lohan And Paris Hilton Seem To Be Friends Again!

The Heavens Rejoice As Lindsay Lohan And Paris Hilton Seem To Be Friends Again!

by | 29th, July 2011

THE celebritiest people on Earth – Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton – were once bestest of pals, but alas, they did what all Typical Girls do and fell out over absolutely nothing, before indulging in a bitch-off, which was part funny, part horrible, part incredibly tedious.

But that seems to be all over now because they at food at the same table without murdering each other in cold blood! That’s right fans of fame! The celebutante and the actress had a dinner date at the Giorgio Baldi (brother of Gary) restaurant.

Should they need a reminder of why they hated each other, here goes: In 2005 Lohan began sniffing around one of Paris’s ex boyfriends – a Greek shipping heir with the lovely name of Stavros Niarchos. The hotel heiress didn’t like that one bit.

Then, Paris was filmed with oil heir (not ‘oil hair’) Brandon Davis who made snide remarks about the colour of Lindsay’s pubic hair. Paris also made joke about Lohan being a filthy thief and it all got very snarky and such.

But now, they seem to have buried the hatchet (but invariably kept a map marking its whereabouts should they need it in the future… which they almost certainly will).

Still, its nice that LiLo can enjoy a dinner date at a pricey restaurant, as well as buying $1200 shoes, especially considering that she recently noted that she couldn’t afford the counselling ordered by a judge.

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