Anorak News | School Bans Children From Rolling Up Sleeves (Cufflinks Still Optional)

School Bans Children From Rolling Up Sleeves (Cufflinks Still Optional)

by | 4th, August 2011

TO Australia’s Gold Coast, where William Duncan State School has banned students from rolling up jumper sleeves.

Says mum Amanda Craig, whose son Jayden attends the school:

“I went: ‘You’ve got to be kidding’ and a lady from the Parents & Citizens standing near me said: ‘It doesn’t look right’.

Anorak suggests that if the jumper’s sleeves need to be rolled up, the child should be dressed instead in a smart tank top or waistcoat. Indeed, our patron, Old Mr Anorak, is agaog and dismayed that the photo of Jayden and his mum in The Gold Coast Bulletin reveals a child without cufflinks and collar studs.
We have every sympathy with┬áPrincipal Regan Gant, who “reportedly rolled up his own sleeves after making the announcement and said: ‘I don’t like this look. It looks scruffy’.”

We urge Mr Gant to continue his fine work and then, if the photo is any guide to the challenges faced, set about streamlining the parental body – also its hair, wardrobe and, very possibly, feet…

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