Anorak News | Mark Duggan Death And Tottenham Riot: Bullet Lodged In Police Radio Was Police Issue?

Mark Duggan Death And Tottenham Riot: Bullet Lodged In Police Radio Was Police Issue?

by | 7th, August 2011

MARK Duggan is dead. He was killed by police in Tottenham. He lived on the enable Broadwater Estate. The Daily Mail has labelled him a gangster. Why? We don’t know. They offer no proof. Rumour is the fuel stocking the fires of suspicion.

His brother, Shaun Hall, tells Sky News:

“There should be someone here putting our minds at rest about what happened. He’s not some type of gangster. He’s a family man.”

Duggan’s lover, Semone Wilson, tells media:

“When we were outside the police station last night we wanted someone to come out. We want some answers. I have not even told my children that he is dead because we cannot give them any answers.”

Laurence Bailey tells the Guardian that the rioting began when a 16-year-old girl “threw something, maybe a stone, at the original riot police line“. He says around 15 riot officers went for her. Was she set upon by police?

There are disturbances in Enfield. Shop windows haw been broken. In Tottenham looters robbed, among other places and homes, a Carpet Right and, reportedly, took all the phones from a earphone warehouse – yep, even the really cheap rubbish ones.

But the really big news is this: that bullet that lodged in the police radio – the one that we were told could have killed an officer – might well have been fired by…the police. The early talk was of two shots fired: one from the taxi in which Mark Duggan was travelling as a passenger; one from the police.

The Guardian’s crime correspondent, Sandra Laville, reports:

The bullet which was found lodged in the radio of one of the officers at the scene is still undergoing forensic tests. But reliable sources have said the first ballistics examinations suggested it was a police issue bullet. These are very distinct as the Metropolitan Police uses dum dum type hollowed out bullets designed not to pass through an object.

This one will run…


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