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Worker Who Swallowed Homeowner’s Diamond Ring Captured On X-Ray: Photos

by | 11th, August 2011

WILFREDO Gonzalez-Cruz, 30, of Chicago, is said to have eaten a diamond ring belonging to the owners of a house in Cicero where he was working.

Police took Gonzalez to a local hospital. An X-ray showed the ring in his tummy.

Gonzalez  was duly asked to follow his ring appetiser with a brew that would “force the expulsion of the ring“. He was then placed in a rubber room with bedpans. And  soon enough the ring emerged.

Having invited you to consider the use of dogs to castrate rioters and looters who have run amuck in London, Manchester And Birmingham, might it be further option to invite thieves to eat their booty? That 32-inch plasma telly looks good in your arms – and terrific in your mum’s lounge – but does it look on a plate smothered in ketchup..?

Ammo head

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THIS is a picture of a two-inch long live round of ammunition lodged in the head of living Afghan soldier. The US Air Force image stems from work by Radiologist Lt Col Anthony Terreri. He explained the patient and discovered that the shrapnel was in fact a 14.5mm unexploded round. Says he: “I saw that it was not solid metal on the inside. I then looked at the scout image and could see there was an air gap on one end and what looked almost like the tip of a tube of lipstick at the end and decided this didn’t look quite right.” Wearing body


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