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Dead Dog Sympathy Sex With EastEnders’ Shane Richie And His No. 1 Fan

by | 12th, August 2011

WHAT kind of week was it for EastEnders Red Coat Shane Ritchie, 47? Well, since you asked, it was mixed. While continuing to act like a dad plucked from the crowd and invited to play in a Premier League football match – a mixture of ‘Look at me, I’m famous’; ‘Blimey this is my big chance – told you I’d make it’; and ”Should I play the fool and hide by lack of skills?” – Richie told us that he first met his current wife Christie Goddard, now 27:

“Our paths first crossed when I was only 12 years old. I had a tiny part in a Royal Variety Performance playing a stick of celery.”

That’s one year younger than when Alison Hall says she met Shane at the stage door. Nothing untoward went on then. But when she was 22, Alison claims they embarked a six-year-affair. Hall’s account of that time is full of evocative images – although it does lack vegetables:

He seduced me in the spare bedroom when I was working on his website…”

The first time he came round to my house with two bin bags full of fan mail, I was so nervous. I remember trying to act cool and not say anything fan-like. I showed him my room and while we were in there, he poked me in the breast with a pen. We both laughed. I just thought he was being playful…”

The first time we had sex we were in the spare room and my mum was downstairs. I remember my head was banging against the door and I was worried she would hear…”

During the day he was constantly asking for pictures. I was working in the DIY store Wickes and I would nip into the toilets to take a picture of my body and send it…”

The Mirror reports:

A few months after the affair began Alison broke up with her fiancé. When she got her first car, she started driving to meet Shane for sex sessions at Light Oaks, an empty house he owned a short distance from the mansion he shared with Christie in Denham, Bucks….

More imagery soon follows:

It was just a shell. There was no furniture, we just did it on the floor. There was no romance whatsoever, but I didn’t mind…

He was insatiable. Once I was trying to play it cool with him and ignore him. Eventually he sent me a text saying his dog Harley had died and I felt sorry for him so I replied. As soon as I did he asked if he could come over. After we had sex he said, ‘Harley would’ve liked that’…”

Sometimes I felt like a prostitute. He’d come round to my house for sex and afterwards he’d give me £100 and say ‘that’s for the website’”…

Sympathy dog sex and pen pokes in the boobs seduction techniques. If EastEnders fails to work out, Shane could earn a fortune teaching lovelorn lads how to pull…

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