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Why Arsenal Sold Samir Nasri To Manchester City

by | 12th, August 2011

GOOD to know that Silent Stan Kroenke has played no part in the £23m transfer of the excellent Samir Nasri from Arsenal to Manchester City.

The Independent, August 12:

The Independent understands that manager Wenger was powerless to hold on to Nasri after a board meeting eight days ago at which principal shareholder Stan Kroenke insisted that it would be folly to sacrifice City’s money and see the Frenchman leave as a free agent next summer

The Independent, August 5:

It has always been Kroenke’s policy that player transfers are best left to Wenger’s leadership and the American sports mogul did not change his position at the club’s monthly board meeting at the Emirates’ –

Still, one thing is clear at Arsenal- it’s all about making money. The club has the highest priced seats in the Premier League (the place is sold out and ther is long waiting list for tickets) and yet again will make money from its trasfer dealings. Good news is that the club is the envy of every other football club chairman – aside from Manchester City’s rulers who just see Arsenal as their shop. Bad news is that when you sell your best players before they’ve peaked, you’re less likely to win…

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