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Olympic Athlete Is Britain’s Drunkest Woman

by | 16th, August 2011

DAWN Marsden is “Britain’s drunkest woman” That is no small claim. And if you can top Dawn’s 28 pints a day, that title may yet be yours. We look forward to seeing the neck to neck Smack Down on Sky Sports 3.

Marsden is at Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court after admitting to stealing 10 packs of bacon. Light-fingered Dawn is handed a six-month conditional discharge. In court she is drunk, as befitting a woman holding the coveted title. Her brief tells the court:

“You may have noticed my client has a drink problem… She tells me on occasion she will drink up to 16 litres a day. She has a long-standing appetite for alcohol.”

Litres? Is she now also Europe’s drunkest woman?

Over in the Sun, addiction counsellor Dr Robert Lefever has a word of advice for those among you keen to take Dawn’s title:

“She should be dead at those levels. The reason she isn’t is that she has trained her body by drinking every day. She is the equivalent of an Olympic athlete when it comes to drinking.”

If she gets the right manger, the Tia Maria and Vimto contact is in the bag…

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