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David Starkey V Rastamouse – White Working Class Just Looking For Fun

by | 18th, August 2011

DAVID Starkey V Rastamous. It’s a TV celebrity Smack Down. David Starkey is the historian who says “whites have become black”. His “metaphorisation of black skin for criminality” displayed the limits of his research. Soon he will be talking on a paddle steamer as it paddles along the Thames. Also talking on the craft will be Rastamouse’s creators, Genevieve Webster and Michael De Souza. Ratamouse is a Rastafarian community minded cartoonish mouse from children’s telly.

It was he who sparked one mum on Mumsnet to opine:

The thing that I’m most worried about is my daughter knowing/saying words like Rasta.”

Only one can win: the controversialist historian or the singing mouse. Of course, much will depend on the colour of the boat’s captain and how many places there are in the lifeboats…

Meanwhile, anyone in Tottenham can wonder why some of the local white youth are talking in an affected Jamaican patois. You can also ask why the cultural cachet of being white working class is so low that Damien and Jade pretend to be black American rapper- gangsters. It’s not about being black or white. It’s about a lack of confidence in what you are. It’s about being young insecure and stupidly looking for fun…

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