Anorak News | Edinburgh Guesthouse Bans Rabbits – Allows Dogs and Cats: Outrage And Fury Fails To Grow

Edinburgh Guesthouse Bans Rabbits – Allows Dogs and Cats: Outrage And Fury Fails To Grow

by | 19th, August 2011

PATRICIA O’Donnell says she was surprised to find a rabbit using the shower at her Armadillo guesthouse in Edinburgh. She says she “almost had a heart attack” and spilled a jug of water down herself when she fund a rabbit living in the well-appointed shower.

Says she:

“The family – a mum, dad and daughter – checked in and about an hour later went out to visit the castle. I thought I’d better go and water the window boxes, but when I got to their door there was a ‘do not disturb’ notice on the handle. “

So. You walked right on in and…

“That was odd because they’d only been there a short time, so I got the jug of water, went into the bathroom¬†and almost died when I saw this rabbit. I got such a fright the water went all over me…My fear was that the Chinese family had travelled up from Leicester and there wasn’t any obvious sign of how they would have taken this rabbit.”

The rabbit broke in and made itself at home? The family are sub-letting their room to rabbits? They were self-catering?

“But when they returned they produced a small cage. The officer ¬†[SSPCA] told them to take the rabbit to Gorgie City Farm, but they didn’t seem interested in that. The mother said that most guesthouses allow animals. Maybe we’d allow dogs or cats but not for somebody to keep a rabbit in the bathroom. They absolutely stink, and I ended up spending most of the next day trying to get rid of the small.”

You can keep a cat in the room but not a rabbit – because rabbits stink and behave worse than cats? Rabbit lovers – we feel a campaign for equality and understanding coming on…

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