Anorak News | Woman Drowned In Public Swimming Pool Not Spotted For 2 Days

Woman Drowned In Public Swimming Pool Not Spotted For 2 Days

by | 19th, August 2011

THE death of Marie Joseph does not speak well of the levels of care and sanitation at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Pool in Lafayette Park, Massachusetts. She drowned there. A nine-year-old boy she had been swimming with told the lifeguard. He said he’d take a look. A mere 58 hours later, her body was discovered at the bottom of the pool.

State Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Richard Sullivan tells media, as the Herald News Massachusetts reports:

Still, Sullivan did not indicate that pool employees had neglected their duties. Before a pool is locked up for the night, “we undergo a procedure with each and every one of our pools,” Sullivan said. “We believe all of those were in place here.”

It gets better:

Mayor Will Flanagan arrived at 10:30 a.m. to report the results of city inspections of the pool on Monday and Tuesday.

“The filters were checked and found to be operational,” Flanagan said. “The pH level was checked and found to be normal. The only abnormality that was noted was one word, the water was ‘cloudy.’”

No-one saw the dead body of the woman who had paid to swim there.

One swimmer who visited the pool Monday said she was unnerved by the possibility that they were in the water with a body.

“It was white. We went swimming in that water. There were little kids drinking that water,” Tasha Stokes, 28, told the AP. “I’m shocked. I was swimming in water with a dead person. I think I have a lawsuit on my hands.”

So long as she did not die in vain, eh, America…

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