Anorak News | Sun Wants Ursula Nevin To Be The Face Of The Salford Riots: Fails Horribly

Sun Wants Ursula Nevin To Be The Face Of The Salford Riots: Fails Horribly

by | 22nd, August 2011

URSULA Nevin’s crime was to have pulled on pair of shorts her lodger Gemma Corbett had looted. The mum-of-two was jailed for five months by a district judge in Manchester. But on appeal Judge Andrew Gilbart QC changed her sentence to 75 hours of unpaid work saying that her original sentence had been “wrong in principle”:

“Ursula Nevin did not go into Manchester city centre. We regard it as wrong in principle that she was subject to a custodial sentence. She must pay some sentence because she knew where the goods had come from. Seventy-five hours of unpaid work appears to be the appropriate figure bearing in mind the guilty plea.”


“You must have found yourself, in the circumstances of the last week, trapped in a circle of hell. The way you never get into that situation again is to show the courage to say ‘no’.”

She issues a statement:

“I am very sorry about the events of the last 10 days. The last week has been a traumatic experience for me – one that I just want to forget. I just want to go home now and see my children.”

Crobett, 24, was jailed for 18 months, for stealing four pairs of trainers, two pairs of shorts, a rucksack and a bag, worth a total of £625 from the Vans store in Church Street.

Having left summary “justice” to the magistrates, senior judges are now having to wade in and undo much of their work, simply because the policy and approach has not been thought through. You may feel sympathy for Ursula Nevin. But the Sun does not. Again it piles in on her:

A GREEDY mum who nabbed designer gear looted in the riots won £100,000 on bingo at the age of 19 – and blew the lot within four months.

Greedy? A pair of shorts? And is nabbing the same as handling stolen goods that you lodger went out and got without your encouragement?

Gambling addict Ursula Nevin, 24, who was released from prison on Friday, became one of Britain’s wealthiest teenagers when her numbers came in. But last night her mother told how she frittered the cash away on the bingo hall’s slot machines.

Lucille Blakeley said: “She is a very, very, very bad gambler. [Not always – she won £100,000]. The whole 100 grand went back on gambling in the bingo hall. She spent it on £2 slot machines with £100 jackpots. When she went back to the bingo hall we thought she was back playing bingo – we didn’t know she was on the machines… She gambled the lot in three or four months. They loved her in there for putting money in the machines. They thought she was great.”

Who needs failing magistrate when you have the noble Sun to try people in the court of public opinion in Bullingdon BRitian.

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