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Glasgow Copper Jailed For Not Making Arrest: Police Are In Desperate Trouble

by | 26th, August 2011

DO we feel a shred of sympathy for Constable Michele Selby? At Glasgow Sheriff Court she has been jailed for a year for attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

You see, Selby saw a man trying to break into the Moon River Chinese Chinese eatery back on July 26, 2010. He said he was fixing the door. She confiscated tools. She performed a background checkadn discovered that he had six previous convictions. She said that she had another call to attend to and because of that she would let him go.

Do you know what that job was? Yep – she was delivering letters to a police station.

In court, Selby, 38, of Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, stated that no crime had been committed. She said she believed the man was fixing the door.

Says Sheriff Richard Clark:

“I recognise that the effect of this conviction is catastrophic for you. I also recognise that prior to the commission you were held in high regard in society. Nevertheless, having regard to the factors, I am satisfied that a custodial sentence is the only appropriate disposal in this case.”

PC Mechelle Maley was also there. She told the court:

“When we got in the car, she said if she could be bothered he would have got the jail, or words to that effect.”

Back at Kirkintilloch Police Station, Selby placed the tools in a…bin.

PC Maley told on her. And now Selby in in prison.

Now cast your minds back to the riots. And picture all those coppers doing nothing.

Raedwald explains:

When officers start shooting their men to encourage obedience, you know they’re in desperate trouble. When rank and file police officers see their endemically corrupt seniors get away with gross peculation of public funds, taking lavish bungs from dodgy enterprises, rewarding themselves with bonuses that equal a constable’s annual salary, consorting openly with known criminals and stumbling from one silver-braided circle jerk to another, what do you imagine happens to their commitment to risk themselves to protect the public? Senior officers are aware that they’ve alienated themselves from ordinary plods. So they’re seeking to secure by fear the obedience they can’t achieve by leadership.

Well, can you sympathise with PC Selby as was..?

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