Anorak News | Lost’s Matthew Fox Punches A Bus Driver Right On Her Minge

Lost’s Matthew Fox Punches A Bus Driver Right On Her Minge

by | 30th, August 2011

REMEMBER Lost? That was a stupid, entirely pointless television programme wasn’t it? Random numbers, that fat fella with the corkscrew curls and a polar driving a tank or whatever it was. It was like wandering into a particularly confusing, tedious daydream.

Do you remember the hunkbag star of the show, Matthew Fox? The one who was also in Party Of Five (Dawson’s Creek for hipsters). He seemed like a nice enough bloke – that is until he was accused of punching a bus driver right on her mons pubis.

Fox, not a real fox, was detained by cops after it was reported that he assaulted the female driver of a party bus. A party bus. Those dreadful, hooting contraptions that you see driving around city centres, filled with people with fixed grins at gunpoint by some unseen marketing twunt.

Apparently, Fox tried to board the bus without an invite. Heather Bormann, the bus driver in question, said ‘not so fast mister’, which made him angry.

She says:

“I told him he was trespassing. He never once said anything. He just looked at me with his mouth open — then he leaned in and started swinging on me.”

Bormann told police that the actor hit her in the boobs, stomach and ‘crotch’, before she slapped him one back. She said it took three men to pull Fox away from her and that an off-duty police officer detained him until the police came.


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