Anorak News | Alex Reid And Chantelle Houghton Get Infected In The Celebrity Petri Dish

Alex Reid And Chantelle Houghton Get Infected In The Celebrity Petri Dish

by | 31st, August 2011

IN the celebrity Petri Dish, Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton have met.

In OK!, the “reality couple” are on an “escape” in Portugal. What they are escaping from is unclear. We’d wager it’s chapped thighs, Peter Andre, hoodies and sharks.

Chantelle wants to yell us that she has a “low ovarian reserve“. She has only three years left to conceive.

Leandro Penna, currently dating Reid’s ex-wife Katie Price, calls Alex a “weird gay freak”.

OK! calls them Chantalex, which sounds like a colonic purging system for bunged up Swiss.

OK! also says Reid is a “puppy dog boyfriend“. That’s him sat in a toilet roll by a massive pile of poo looking guilty, yet cute and suggestible.
Says Alex:

“I want to stop people thinking is a ‘showmance’.”

So. Why not get married, get jobs, settle down in the Midlands and get on with the love. But first, Portugal in OK!. Says Chantelle:

“It was a so loverly to have some time just the two of us.”

It as like the photographer, make-up artiste, depilator, the wood staining team and your agent weren’t even there. Sounds dead romantic:
As she says:
“We went out a lot for dinner and we were having a really nice time. We went back to the hotel and all of a sudden I started feeling really sick…”

A baby?

“I had food poisoning…”

Chantelle: “The doctor came in to check me over. He said: ‘I need to give you an injection, turn over. I twas in my bum'”

Alex: “What’s wrong with a little prick in the derriere?”


“The thing is, the day before, I had really bad runs..”

But being labrador puppy in the celebrity Petri Dish, he knew the ropes…


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