Anorak News | Gaddafi Stiches Up Lying Tony Blair By Revealing Truth About Abdelbaset Al Megrahi’s Release And British Greed

Gaddafi Stiches Up Lying Tony Blair By Revealing Truth About Abdelbaset Al Megrahi’s Release And British Greed

by | 4th, September 2011

WHY was Abdelbaset Al Megrahi freed from a Scottish jail? Because the Scottish Ministers wanted the man with terminal ill cancer – given three months to live in August 2009 to be free. Because the UK Government in Westminster under Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown applied no pressure.  Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, 57, was jailed in 2001 for his role in the murders of 270 people. He lives in Tripoli.

So what did we make of Colonel Gaddafi’s warning to Westminster of a “holy war” if Megrahi died in Scotland? There would be “dire consequences“. Would he reveal the truth? Who ordered the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103A over Lockerbie in 1988? Did Gaddafi take the rap for others – like the Syrians?

Diana Johnstone writes:

Gaddafi had finally given in to Western pressure to accept responsibility – but not guilt – for Lockerbie merely in order to get the unpopular sanctions lifted. The fact that he agreed to turn over two Libyan citizens to a Western court to be tried for the crime and to pay over two billion dollars of compensation to the victims was explicitly not an admission of guilt, but rather a response to blackmail by Great Powers in order to normalize relations and improve daily life.

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond recently told us:

The decision was taken on the basis of Scots law and was not influenced by economic, political or diplomatic factors.”

He said that with a straight face. It was Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill’s decision to free Megrahi. His alone?

In 2004, Tony Blairs stood in the desert and extended his “hand of friendship” to Gaddafi.BP got a big oil deal. The 270 were forgotten.

But documents have been found. On the floor of the British Ambassador’s former residence in Tripoli are papers marked

“UK secret: UK/Libya Eyes Only”

Indeed, readers. Secret paper were not properly filed or shredded. They were just left there intact. On the floor. For the media to find.

The Daily Mail writes:

A series of documents marked ‘confidential’ and ‘restricted’ reveal that Gaddafi threatened Britain with ‘dire consequences’ if Megrahi died in Scotland. Diplomats feared the harassment – ‘or worse’ – of British nationals; the cancellation of lucrative contracts with firms such as BP, Shell and BG; and the end of defence deals and counter-terrorism co-operation.

We lean of this missive sent from Tony Blair to Saif Gaddafi of December 28, 2006:

“Eid Mubarak! At this sacred time of harmony and reconciliation, recalling how our passionate God has mercy on mankind, I would like to express my personal wishes to you, to your family and to the Libyan people.”

The documents show Mr Blair’s involvement with Saif’s 2008 London School of Economics thesis. (Well, if the Blair Government can help Tony’s son Euan with his homework, why not help Saif?)

Saif has been accused of plagiarising pats of his essay The Role of Civil Society in the Democratisation of Global Governance Institutions. (It’s the dodgy thesis. Had in hi work Saif noted the presence of weapons of mass destruction in, say, Iraq, lord knows what would have happened.)

Mr Blair sent Saif a personally signed letter on No 10 paper, addressing him as ‘Engineer Saif’ and thanking him for sending the 429-page thesis for him to read. The PM also offered three examples of co-operation between governments, people and business ‘that might help with your studies’, including Make Poverty History, which he said worked because ‘it bought together an unusual coalition of players from Bono to the Pope .  .  . with a simple but inspiring message of hope.’

Bono. The Pope. Tony Blair. Saif Gaddafi. Don’t panic, world, you’re in safe hands. The vain, tax-avoiding, greedy, paedo-hiding elite will protect you.

Mr Blair then discusses how to prevent corruption in oil-rich nations – even though the Gaddafis were notorious for stealing billions – and his ‘personal interest and commitment’ to the topics Saif studied. He signed off: ‘I wish you well for your PhD and send my warm good wishes.’ Saif – who donated £1.5 million to the LSE – is said to have plagiarised much of his thesis. A spokesman for Mr Blair said: ‘Neither Tony Blair or Downing Street officials saw Saif Gaddafi’s thesis in advance. A letter was drafted by officials giving examples of good practice which was sent in the Prime Minister’s name. It was perfectly proper to do so.’

Also newsworthy is the revelation – hardly shocking – that UK Special Forces trained Libya’s Khamis Brigade – the are rumoured to have executed lots of prisoners on August 23 as Gaddafi’s power collapsed. We’ve seen this before. Britain has helped train the goons in Bahrain.

The Sunday Times adds:

MI5 asked Colonel Muammar Gadaffi’s secret services for regular updates on what terrorist suspects were revealing under interrogation in Libyan prisons, where torture was routine.The security service also agreed to trade information with Libyan spymasters on 50 British-based Libyans judged to be a threat to Gadaffi’s regime.

The letter went:

“We would value your co-operation in the following areas to enable us to achieve our shared objectives … Sharing intelligence on the activities of members in the UK.
“Such intelligence — particularly information relating to any financial transactions or to actual operational activity — is key to the security service working with the police to prosecute members of the group. The more timely information the better.”

And Gaddafi might meet some old pals in the desert:

Major-General Robin Searby, Blair’s defence co-ordinator on Libya, sent a confidential invitation in July 2006 for Khamis and Saadi Gadaffi to watch “VIP demonstrations” of the SAS and its sister regiment, the Special Boat Service (SBS). There can be no publicity at all connected with this visit, either here or in Libya,” Searby wrote in his letter. “It is UK policy to never discuss Special Forces matters.”

Who now speaks for the 270?


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