Anorak News | The English Defence League: Tommy Robinson’ Is ‘Disguised’ As A Rabbi

The English Defence League: Tommy Robinson’ Is ‘Disguised’ As A Rabbi

by | 4th, September 2011

THE English Defence League was staging a protest in London, by Aldgate Tube station. The Guardian hears them shout “You’re scum and you know you are” to foreign tourists. In East London, they massed on Whitechapel Road. The paper sees placards carrying portraits of Norwegian mass murderer and EDL fan Anders Breivik. Is he a martyr to the cause? Are the EDL and the Islamic militants so very much alike? Are fascists all the same?

The EDL’s founder, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka  Tommy Robinson, is under court restrictions after being convicted of leading a fight at a football match in Luton. He’s dressed as an Hassidic Jew he calls Rabbi Benjamin Kidderman. He removes his garb and declares:

“You how long I’ve been waiting to take this shit off?”

Robinson is no friend to the Jews.

But is Rabbi Kidderman a Jew? The BBC seem confused:

He stood to address the crowd disguised in a wide-brimmed hat and fake beard before revealing his identity.

Why does the BBC fail to see that the true nature of the “disguise”? If you were to immerse yourself in a group of shaven white faces in baseballs caps and No.1 haircruts, would you wear a black beard, wide-brimmed black hat and black robe?

The BBC says you would… You might just see racism.

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