Anorak News | Lottery Loser Sues Winning Syndicate For Share Of $99Million Jackpot

Lottery Loser Sues Winning Syndicate For Share Of $99Million Jackpot

by | 5th, September 2011

EDWARD Hairston, 39, of Youngstown, Ohio, did not win the lottery. For eight years he contributed to a syndicate run at the KraftMaid logistics centre where he works. Then, while he was on medical leave over June, July and August, the rest of the office syndicate won $99 million. So. Did he get a share? No. He never paid his subs while he was off sick.

He wants $2 million. The Lottery Commission is uncertain. It’s retained his share while the parties argue.

Hairston’s lawyer says there’s an “unwritten policy for years” that meant if someone missed a payment the deal to share stilll stood. Hairston’s 22 “pals” says this is bunkum. He never paid so he can’t win. They get $4.5m each. If they included Hairston, they get just over $3.91m each.

The matter will go to a jury trial this December. (As ever, the only guaranteed winners are the lawyers.)

If you were one of the winners, would you give some money to Hairston?

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