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Five Very Cool Men’s Websites

by | 5th, September 2011

IN the old days bloke’s publishing was largely all about thumbing your way through FHM, Maxim and Loaded. Not any more though. Over the years a couple of the high profile men’s magazines have gone to the wall, while some of the others are a shadow of their former selves possibly read only by the publisher’s immediate family.

Nope if you want to get your fix of sport, gadgets, clothes and good old fashioned blokey advice you are far better served on line.

Of course the best men’s website is Anorak, with its footy-obsessed sibling Pies a close second. But if you do fancy a trawl around the net for some other sites here a few that we rather like.

1 The Manifest

At the more metrosexual end of the blogosphere is this new website from a fella called James Poulter. It is a wonderfully eccletic mix mainly of stuff like cars, gadgets and stupidly exepensive furniture with a side order of the odd recipie. Looks promising.

Sample post – The ultimate BBQ table




2 Sabotage Times

Over the last couple of months Sabotage Times has gone from being a rather hit and miss Loaded clone to a wonderful cornucopia of blokey stuff. At the helm is James Brown, he of Loaded (and even better Jack) fame, so not surprisingly its irreverent, funny and sometimes a little intelligent too. There’s loads of football coverage, though they seem to have nicked The Bleacher Report (aka the most annoying sports website ever) approach of deliberately trying to wind fans up. Anyone can write for the site – provided their copy is good – just don’t expect to get paid.

Sample post – Why we aren’t going to the pub anymore

3 Jack The Lad

This website is a little bit more shall we say traditonal in delivering some very funny stories about explaining the offside rule to women, house parties that got out of hand and more. Think you get the idea. You can share your exploits too.

Sample post – Some quality Photoshopped pics



4 Asylum

This is just about the most popular men’s website in the UK now and it is easy to see why as it is utterly addictive. If you want stupid videos, quality interviews and bizarre photo galleries Asylum is the place to stop by.

Sample post – The origins of swear words



5 Brandish/His Knibs

Two very high quality fashion sites. His Knibs tends to focus on classic clobber from labels like Fred Perry, Clerks etc along with a lot of retro trainers, while Brandish is a little more high street – think Uniqlo. Both are darned good reads.

Sample posts Burberry Lockmead coat Avelon’s Winter collection

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