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Reading The Riots: Why The Riots Happened – Guardian Strives For Definitive Left Wing Answer

by | 5th, September 2011

SO. Why did the Riots break out in London, Birmingham and Manchester? Was it for one of these reasons? The Guardian and the London School of Economics are going to investigate. As you were, Inspector Cameron.

The paper reports:

Researchers will interview hundreds of people who were involved, in the first empirical study into the widespread rioting and looting.

Researchers were once reporters working for media. Maybe magistrates or the police can be reclassified as researchers?

As well as surveys of those who took part in the disorder, the research will include interviews with residents, police and the judiciary, and an advanced analysis of more than 2.5m riot-related Twitter messages.

The thing is to be called Reading The Riots.

It’s supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which produces a report entitled Monitoring poverty and social exclusion and focuses on the poorest members of society.

It is also supported by the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens.

You may read that and think the resulting research may be a little skewed.

The LSE’s involvement will be led by Prof Tim Newburn, head of the university’s social policy department, which has the highest possible research rating in the UK.

That would be the same society minded LSE that took money from Colonel Gaddafi’s son Saif Gaddafi and gave the Libyan him a allegedly dodgy doctorate?

Says Newburn:

“There is an urgent need for some rigorous social research which will look, without prejudice, at the causes and the consequences of the recent riots. Crucially, it is vital that we speak with those involved in the disturbances and those affected by them to try to understand any lessons for public policy.”

Anyone think they will find the answer that fits an agenda? Because public policy can affect the desire to riot, can’t it?

The rest of you can take your pick from these reasons


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