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Sea Eagles Snatch Children In Scotland – Scare Story Of The Day

by | 6th, September 2011

SCARE Story of The Day is created in the Scottish Gamekeepers Association which wonders whether sea eagles are able to differentiate between children and other prey.

You see, the Very Reverend Hunter Farquharson was injured by a young eagle when it attacked one of his geese in Abernethy, in Perthshire.

The fear is that if the birds are reintroduced to the area they might up the stakes.

(White- tailed eagles numbered more than 200 pairs in 1700. By 1916, they were extinct as a breeding species because of persecution.)

The SGA wants a public inquiry. It writes to the Government:

“These creatures are being released into what is a comparatively densely populated area so they will come into contact with humans on a daily basis. That will instil habituated behaviour and remove what should be a healthy fear of humans. There are reports of buzzards which have obviously undergone this desensitisation and this has resulted in them attacking people. This could pose a serious threat in the future. Will these very large creatures differentiate between a small child and more natural quarry?”

RSPB Scotland says it is “alarmist nonsense”.

Anorak wonders if the sea eagles can be reintroduced to Tottenham, Salford and Birmingham City centre, and if fat children are too heavy to lift. Eat yer deep-fried MArs bars, laddie, or else the eagles will rip you to shreds.

And it might not end there.

SGA committee member Bert BurnettMr Burnett asked Scottish Government’s Environment Minister Stuart Stevenson:

“At the moment some raptors have exclusion zones round their nest sites encompassing several acres in an effort to reduce disturbance. Presumably sea eagles will also require these zones so how will that affect farming or recreational activities and will there be compensation for this?”

Raptors…Velociraptors? Well, if you are going to reintroduce old species, how far back do you go..?

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