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Smoking Cannabis Makes You Slim – Maybe

by | 7th, September 2011

DID you know that marijuana keeps you slim – maybe? Given the ongoing war on fat, this is good news for an Government keen to get is into the approved shape.

Rachael Rettner reports the science:

The results show the prevalence of obesity is lower among people who frequently smoke pot compared with those who have never inhaled.

Can we make an assumption?

The researchers said they were surprised by their initial results, because they expected to find the opposite. So they examined a second sample of people, and found exactly the same result. Together, the two samples studied more than 50,000 people.

Can we make a conclusion?

The reason behind the link is not clear. It could be that people who use cannabis also engage in other behaviours that lower their obesity risk. Or it may be that pot smokers exercise more or have a specific diet that keeps them thin, said study researcher Yann Le Strat, a psychiatrist at Louis Mourier Hospital in France.

Weed smokers exercise more? Does playing Playstation on the sofa, giggling and talking bollocks count as exercise?

The assumption seems to be that thin is healthy.

“On a personal point of view, I would be surprised that cannabis use is associated with a higher rate of physical activity, but this cannot be ruled out,” Le Strat told MyHealthNewsDaily.

Well. Quite.

Another possibility is that components of cannabis may help people lose weight. If this turns out to be the case, researchers should investigate which components these might be and try to put them into drug form, Le Strat said.

And that’s the key point. An illegal drugs that offers comfort to many sufferers of MS and other illnesses might burn fat.

“As an addiction psychiatrist, I see every day people struggling with cannabis dependence. I would not recommend smoking cannabis for any reason,” Le Strat said.

It does not work for everyone.

But it words for some… like pretty much every legal drug on the market…

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