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Dog Eating Man Eaten By Dogs

by | 8th, September 2011

FIRST we told you about pigs eating humans in Ghana. Now from Indonesia comes a story of seven dogs who devoured their owner.

Andre Lumboga had returned from a holiday to his Manado home. The 50-year left his bags at the front door and went inside.

A few days later, a neighbour saw the bags and grew concerned. He approached the house. He picked up a bad smell. He called the police.

Says Mr Eriyana, a police chief in Batam, an island off Sumatra:

“His skull was found in the kitchen, and his body was found in the front of his house. We suspect that the dogs were hungry, so they attacked Andre, because they had not been fed for 14 days.”

Reuters includes the following line, which seems to suggest the victim had it coming:

Lumboga was from northern Sulawesi island, a predominantly Christian area, where the local spicy diet is famous in Indonesia for including dogs, bats and forest rats.

Eat the dogs – before they eat you…

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