Anorak News | Petra Ecclestone’s Wedding To James Stunt Is A Triumph For British Toilets

Petra Ecclestone’s Wedding To James Stunt Is A Triumph For British Toilets

by | 9th, September 2011

PETRA Ecclestone has married James Stunt. She is now Petra Stunt. Hello! delves into the details.

At the pre-wedding wedding guests ate: caviar, calamari, ravioli, lamb chop and chocolate pudding. The entire do was a celebration of wonderment and the best of excess.

The menus were printed on mirrors with the names of the guests etched into them.

Paris Hilton looked up from her mirror (easy on the salt, Paris) and Tweeted:

“Had the best time at my friend’s rehearsal dinner.”

That’s how the rich live, readers. They rehearse eating.

On the day of the wedding at the romantic Odescalchi Castle, 30 miles north of Rome, (£310,000 to hire), we see Petra and her £80,000 dress sat in a car driven by former F1 driver Jean Alesi.

The Black Eyes Peas play. Andrea Bocelli “sang three songs while the couple signed the register“. (Anorak imagines Petra getting her new name wrong over and over, each time facilitating another song by the Italian operatic crooner.) In the marquee guests sup £4,000-a-bottle Chateau Petrus Bordeaux and champagne. They eat a a meal prepared by Alain Ducasse.

The event is a blend of the best of France, Italy and America. And then the UK chips in: luxury toilets had been flown in from the UK, as well as luxury toilet engineers.

These Great British engineers don’t go to the toilet for you – although for a fee they will stand outside the door whistling Land of Hope And Glory.

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