Anorak News | Muslims Against Crusades And Other Mac Lads Rant And Burn In London On 9/11

Muslims Against Crusades And Other Mac Lads Rant And Burn In London On 9/11

by | 11th, September 2011

IT’S 9/11. Time, then, for all the crazies to get a look in on the news agenda. Ten years ago the UK had mad mullah Omar Bakri – now in Lebanon – and one-eyed-no-handed, purple-faced people eater Abu Hamza (Belmarsh prison). Now, the UK has no go-to gurning loon to lead the local Tottenham Taliban, relying instead on a hotch-potch of gurning loons. The current group en vogue is Muslims Against Crusades, an outfit whose acronym is MAC – which must not be confused with the MACC Lads, the Macclesfield punk outfit self-billed as the “rudest, crudest, lewdest, drunkest band in Christendom”. The Macc Lads hit include: Beer & Sex & Chips n Grav,y, Filthy, Fat and Flatulent , and Sweaty Betty.

The MAC should not be confused with the MACC – even if the band’s lyrics include the poignant lines to the song Failure With Girls:

I’ve got an ugly face with spots all over the place,
I haven’t got any mates and my clothes have gone out of date,
I go to the pub on my own and drink my orange alone
I sit and stare at the crack, but they just turn their backs
I want to chat them up, but I stare at my feet,
Then I go home and I beat my meat,
I’m dead shy about the size of my dick
And chips n gravy make me sick


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Members of the group Muslims Against Crusades burn the American flag during a protest outside the American Embassy in London.

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