Anorak News | Manchester City Muddle Along Without Poor Garry Cook’s iPad And Pretty Rich Nedum Onuoha

Manchester City Muddle Along Without Poor Garry Cook’s iPad And Pretty Rich Nedum Onuoha

by | 11th, September 2011

SO. It turns out that Manchester City can survive without Garry Cook, who resigned as chief executive Garry Cook following an email sent from this online address that most of the pundits agree mocked Nedum Onuoha’s mother Dr Anthonia’s cancer.

City write:

“[We] can confirm that there is foundation to Dr Onuoha’s allegations and the chairman has written to apologise to Dr Onuoha for any distress caused.”

Cook, who has maintained that the email was sent by a rogue employee at City, tells the fans:

“I am privileged to have held my position at [City] and to have experienced the opportunities that it has presented.  The privilege is in part offset however by the significant personal focus which has at times, detracted from the magnificent achievements of those working at the football club. It is that factor, together with my error of judgement in this matter that has prompted me to reach this decision, which I believe is in the best interests of the football club.”

Is that error of judgement an admittance of guilt? Did he send the offending email?

Cook had earlier stated:

“I cannot and will not condone this unacceptable behaviour. I can confirm Brian (Marwood) did not receive this email and disciplinary action is currently under way regarding one of our employees.”

Cook has admitted to nothing. His error might have been once referring to City as Manchester United.

But what would Cook be guilty of even if he had have sent that email meant for Brian Marwood to Dr Onuoha? Was he guilty of mocking cancer, a dread disease that affects so many of us that Cook is unlikely not to have been touched by it in his private life? Or was he guilty of mocking a woman who felt the need to mention her cancer in the context of negotiations on her son’s already generous wages?

You will recall that Dr Onuoha said her body was “ravaged with cancer and ongoing chemotherapy” but she was still sharp of mind and able to argue for her son.

Cook replied:

“Brian. Ravaged with it!!……I don’t now how you sleep at night. You used to be such a nice man when I worked with you at nike.”

Is that mocking cancer? Is that mocking Dr Onuho’s cancer? Or is that mocking the football agent’s use of cancer in negotiations?

Also, Mrs Onuoha’s words that the email she received almost a year before the media learnt of it had made her feel “worse than what I was first diagnosed with cancer” is a line that Anorak and other cynics will long remember.

Anyhow, City march on, undaunted by huge pay-offs, Garry Cook and Nedum Onuha’s inability to earn his huge wages playing for the First XI….

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